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Easy Rider (1969)

B & W photo of Peter and Dennis (Wyatt and Billy in the film) riding over a bridge side by side

For me, this is one of the best films ever.

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What follows is a tribute to this great movie, presented as a short essay, followed by a "click"-able index of each stage of the film, and last but not least the guided tour itself presented as individual pages describing each major scene using stills taken from the film.

Route they took in Easy Rider
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EZrider cartoon

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A Short Essay

Although much intellectual critique has been directed at this film, for me, Easy Rider is an inspiring tribute to Art, values of the 60's. It is beautiful, disturbing, funny, and thoughful. Something I like to get lost in.

To begin you are entranced in a dreamy scenes. The two heroes Wyatt and Billy, Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper, make some questionning expressions about money and time before cruising away on two Harley Davidson bikes. All this to the tune of 60's rock'n'roll.

EZrider cartoon

* Hopper

As we travel with them we encounter all manner of people ranging from actors, farmers, young families, and young people. The mood turns scary when a turn of events unfolds with the murder of a new found friend and passanger about half way along the film. The scenes that follow this event reveal much of the underlying social tension.

Sevens distinct themes occur in the film...

Similarly to what happens in Robert M.Pirsig's 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance', the motorcycle is focal for most of the film.

Watch it and see what you think.

Other films Hopper directed

Whereas this takes a look at the role the Vietnam War played to American troops returning to re-link themselves with American culture, "Colors", another film Hopper directed, takes a look at the rising society of gangs. It's also got this Hopper magic: stars Robert Duvall and Sean Penn.

Music in Easy Rider

About the Walkthrough

I've quasi-randomly split the film into eleven parts. You can click on each of these headings to jump straight to the relevant bit of the film. From the story pages, you can navigate back and forth using the signpost icons. There are links to my friend's sites, these are in Links.

  1. Introduction
  2. The Farmer and his Family
  3. The Hitchhiker I
  4. The Hitchhiker II
  5. Hippie Commune I
  6. Hippie Commune II
  7. Hippie Commune III
  8. Parading Without a License I
  9. Parading Without a License II
  10. Free at Last
  11. George Smokes a Joint
  12. The Redneck Cafe
  13. Attack in the Night
  14. The House of Blue Lights
  15. Mardi Gras
  16. The Trip
  17. End of the Film
  18. Links on Easy Rider

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