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Mark Nelson

New! 'EZ thoughts'

Sep 2009 - Mark Nelson's e-mail got me thinking...

"I wonder if the choice of the song God Damn the Pusher was meant to say that these two were doomed from the beginning. They also looked like they were playing out the words of the one song where it said, “brother can you tell me where a man can lay his head, he just smiled and looked at me, no was all he said”. Because the hotel proprietor just changes the sign with one word. 'NO'. What do you think?"

Karl & Yvonne Coffman, Chesapeake, Va.

New! Latest bike from Karls' latest work - Billy Bike

Aug 2009 - Some people just keep on going - New pictures from the Billy Bike by my friend Karl Koffman.

Quote from Karl & Yvonne's latest e-mail received 24 Jan 2007
"...Hey Pablo, it's been a few months since you put my pics on your website.( Capt. America, Karl from Chesapeake Va.) I never did thank you for that. I've actually gotten phone calls from friends I haven't seen in a while who just happened to be on your website. The bike is on display for a while at a great new bar called " Knuckleheads". Awesome place ! Can't tell by the name it's "biker friendly". They display various styles of choppers on their bar / bike stand. Different one every month. Great concept. Neat place for Capt.A. to end up till it hits the road again. Again, thanks for including it on your site. Karl Coffman....

Quote from Karl & Yvonne's original e-mail received 19 Nov 2006
"...Thought I'd send you a couple shots of my Captain America bike. Your website was a great help on this venture. I have noticed a lot of "worlds best" replicas on the web and most are no where near the mark. Headlight, cam cover, trans. end cover, ignition box, basic layout are the most common flaws. I tried to stay true to the original. The bike also handles remarkably well. You can have a line of "discovery channel choppers" at a biker bar and wheel in on Capt. A. and it's the center of attention. Old school rules ! The Billy bike will be completed middle of next year. Again, thanks for the help. Karl Coffman, Chesapeake, Va. (the 68 Ca. tag decal came from e-bay, what a country)

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Dennis E. from the USA

E-mail: dennis@ncube.com

This film had a profound influence on me, I was 14 when I saw it in '69. I still ride a hardtail Harley chopper.

The late 60's were strange and savage times in America, leaders assasinated, government militia killing students at university, police beating protesters at national political conventions, soldiers fortunate enough to survive the terrible war in Viet Nam were reviled, and our president was a liar and a crook who would soon be forced out of office.

I think the riders were looking for a place in America where they could belong. Corrupt urban life was symbolized in the Los Angeles scene by the decadent fop who bought the coke. The screaming jets are technology brutalizing the environment. No sane man could live there.

The scene at the hotel is self-evident, No Vacancy.

[ Me ] Yeah, but he didn't even say "no vacancies, sorry", he just shut the door.

[ Dennis's Reply ] You notice that the "Vacancy" sign is lit until the inn keeper sees the bikes ...

The farm is idyllic, Wyatt tells the man he has it made. But the man had told Billy to turn off his machine, and take his hat off at the table. The boys didn't fit in here.

At the commune; Billy is paranoid. I'm not sure why.

[ Me ] Yeah, I get the feeling it's got something to do with the Hitchhiker. ???

[ Dennis's Reply ] Especially at the fuel stop, "He'll see the cash, man."

In the small town they are arrested, befriended by a misfit, threatened and ridiculed, and finally beaten and murdered.

New Orleans and Mardi Gras are just plain weird. LSD heightens the weirdness.

[ Me ] Yeah, definitely weird, I always notice that.

[ Dennis's Reply ] It's unusual that ritualized debauchery has become an institution at Mardi Gras. America is, at heart, a very puritanical nation.

Scenes of ramshackle hovels along back road America reflect the poverty of the Mexican village in the beginning. Only here, no gringoes bring yankee dollars for "Pura Vida"(good life).

After the rednecks in the pickup shot Billy one of them said "We have to go back" I naively thought they were going to help Billy. I was doubly shocked when they shot Wyatt.

My 2 cents worth, and worth every penny.

Cheers! Dennis [ Top of page ]

Dave Schweer

Liked your websiteand the insights about the movie Easyrider. One thing about the movie that always strikes me as interesting is the fact that the movie is a very "visual" story. To me the moviways strikes me as interesting is the fact that the movie is a very "visual" story. To me the movie is very short on actual dialog, but very strong in its film technique. The heavy scenery shots and many highway shots give strong impressions to the viewer. They tell a story about the 2 main characters and the country they are in and the odessey they appear to be on. This style of composition definately invites the viewer to participate in the interpetation of the film. You participate in the story because of this. And that fact produces personalization on the part of the viewer. This is a highly desirable and successful feat for the composers of a film. I consider Easyrider a film masterpiece. I have enjoyed watching it many times. It did influence me.

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Jerrod Nowacki from Sedon, AZ (USA)

The Captain you see was built here in Sedon, AZ. It is a 58 panhead and wishbone frame. The motor, tranny, are both newly rebuilt The clutch is brand new as is every hard part on the bike.

The frame alone has 150 hours of finish work at every seem anD joint. There is not a ripple, pit, weld build up or imperfection anywhere. The frame and all the pieces that went to the chrome plater were all highly buffed prior to plating to achieve the highest finish lustre possible. The chrome is glass!!!

All the details are covered even the seat buttons on the back of the seat that you don't see except for a brief second.

I have $27,000 in the bike. Therefore as the saying goes when you're in for a penny you're in for a pound. So if I miss something we'll change it. The clutch and throttle cable both need to be longer. W'e'll do that later, along with fitting the license plate bracket closer to the sissy bar. All minor touches no one would catch except me and a few others,like yourself.

I've attached another picture taken yesterday featuring the jacket and helmet and I have the glasses with the proper lenses also. The bike is in my house so the angles are tough and i'm not a photographer either. I'll get you some great pics at another time.

Again in closing rest assured The Captain is properly represented it's not a half baked version. I pride myself on Excellence therefore, it's as good as it gets and when it comes to the finish it's better...

Pablo, have a great holiday season and let me know if I can be of assistance?

It would be great to have it on the web, so you can do so.


Jerrod Nowacki

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Jerrod with his Capt Am replica bike
Jerrod's Capt Am replica bike on its own
New Captain America picture sent via E-mail Mar 2009
Jerrod with his Capt Am replica bike
Jerrod's Capt Am replica bike on its own
Jerrods New Captain America sent via E-mail Mar 2009